Monthly Subscription Flight Packages for a Low Price

Get 4 flights a month for $350. Go from parking to take off in 25 minutes. No advanced booking, no lines, no hassle.

We also offer a custom package for businesses.



We’re a team of technology and aviation geeks that were sick of spending hours comparing prices for flights and booking weeks in advance to get a low fare. We were tired of wasting hours in line at the airport and just wanted a more convenient way to fly. So we created Teleport...

The first app to offer monthly subscription flight packages for a low price. You're able to book at the last minute and still get a cheap fare. We also use exclusive security lanes, so getting through security is fast and easy. All you need to do is show up 25 minutes before departure.

How It Works


Sign up for your monthly membership

You'll get a custom number of flights each month that you can use whenever you'd like.


Book when you're ready

Get your flight with two taps. Book a week in advance or twenty minutes before your flight.


Show up 25 minutes before departure

We use exclusive security lanes, so getting on your flight is fast and easy.

The Benefits

No more booking in advance

Prices never change. You just pay one flat fee each month so you don't have to book in advance to get a low fare.

Send flights to friends

Share flights from your package with family/friends. Unused flights rollover to the next month as well.

No more rushing to airport to catch flight

Leave when you're actually ready to go instead of having your day revolve around your flight.

Much cheaper than other airlines

Flying last minute with other airlines can cost you upwards of $250 one-way. With Teleport, you're saving time, but you're also saving money.

Change flights easily

Change your flight easily with the tap of a button. No fees...ever.

Choose from a vast schedule and destination list

We offer most major routes and times, so there should always be a flight for you.

Monthly Subscription Options

2 Flights Per Month

$188 per month

(average of $94 per flight)

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4 Flights Per Month

$350 per month

(average of $87.50 per flight)

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6 Flights Per Month

$504 per month

(average of $84 per flight)

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8 Flights Per Month

$648 per month

(average of $81 per flight)

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Need more flights? Contact us and we'll create a custom package for you.

Get Early Access

We’re giving early access to users this September. You can reserve your spot below by making your first month's payment (fully refundable). We’re only letting in a small number of people initially, so spots are limited.

Teleport is not a direct or indirect air carrier and does not own, maintain, or operate any aircraft. Teleport acts solely as your agent in arranging the flight. All flights arranged by Teleport for its members are performed by independent, third party FAA-licensed and DOT-registered air carriers.