The Bombardier CRJ Series

Recognized as the most successful regional aircraft in the world and is the benchmark for regional jet efficiency

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Safety First. Always.

Bombardier CRJ 200

The Bombardier CRJ 200 is a regional aircraft with 50 passenger seats. This mid-size jet is the same aircraft that United, American Airlines, and Delta use to operate their shorter, regional routes.

The CRJ 200 has revolutionized aviation with its proven efficiency and reliability. With a common engine unique in its segment, advanced avionics in the flight deck, lighter weight and advanced aerodynamics, the CRJ Series is designed to deliver significantly better cost efficiency, excellent airfield performance and en-route fuel consumption.


Experienced and Passionate Pilots

We partner with Part 121 Regional Air Carriers to operate our flights. This is what United, Delta, and American do when they fly shorter routes.

The Part 121 Air Carrier certificate is the same operating certificate that the major airlines (United, Delta, American, etc.) are required to possess. This certificate is only given to air carriers that comply with the highest operating and safety standards provided by the FAA. Only a few hundred airlines in the U.S. possess this operating certificate, and we only partner with those regional airlines that possess this certificate (no private plane companies).

Our Part 121 operating partners utilize pilots that have flown thousands of passengers on commercial, military, charter, and private aircraft. These pilots have an unwavering commitment to safety, and passion for genuine personal service. All of the Captains hold an airline transport pilot certificate, and most have flown for the major airlines.

Our Rigorous Safety and Security Standards

We require that our Part 121 Regional Air Carrier partners maintain all of our planes to the most rigorous standards, conducting regular mechanical inspections on each aircraft as well as comprehensive pre-flight checks before every trip. Your flight crew will include a seasoned ATP-rated Captain and an experienced First Officer with an FAA commercial license.

Teleport is not a direct or indirect air carrier and does not own, maintain, or operate any aircraft. Teleport acts solely as your agent in arranging the flight. All flights arranged by Teleport for its members are performed by independent, third party FAA-licensed and DOT-registered air carriers.